Ultra Violet 21 LED Flashlight Blacklight 395UV Inspection Lamp Light Torch

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Ultra-small ultraviolet flashlight.
Anti-slip design and waterproof design.
The material is aluminum alloy, and the wavelength of the light is 395-410UV purple light, which is very suitable for checking notes, credit cards and cave exploration, camping, night fishing, etc.

Product Manual:
Name: Purple Flashlight
Material: aluminum alloy
The color or wavelength of the lamp: 395-410UV purple light
Switch: tail button switch
Power supply: 3 AAA batteries (this product does not contain batteries)
Weight: 67 grams
Product size: 102mm * 27MM
Number of LEDs: 21 LEDs
LED type: F5 purple light

Package Included:
1 *Flashlight

1. Note: This product does not contain batteries, please purchase batteries separately.
2. Since this is a manual measurement, please allow a measurement deviation of 1-3 cm (1 inch = 2.54 cm). Thank you for your understanding