SWTXO Bike Headset Screws Top Cap Cover Aluminum Alloy 1-1/8" Mountain Road Bicycles Bowl Cover + Screw Cycling Accessor Set

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SWTXO bicycle ear plug screw top cover aluminum alloy 1-1 / 8 "mountain road vehicle bowl cover + screw bicycle accessories set

Brand: SWTXO
Color: gold/titanium/rainbow
Material: aluminum alloy (bowl cover) + stainless steel (screw)
Weight: about 14g
Thickness: about 10mm
Diameter of bowl cover: 32mm
Screw length: 33mm
Fit Steerier Tube Diameter: 1 1/8"=28.6mm. Fits 1-1/8" Great Road and Mountain Bicycles Stems and Forks.

Aluminum alloy material, super light, durable, waterproof, unique round shape, cool overall appearance, very dazzling installation effect.
Using high-strength molybdenum material, sturdy and durable, CNC machined precision bolts, electroplating color, not easy to fade, fixed earphones, lock bicycle head
Suitable for road bikes and mountain bikes.

Package includes:
1*bowl cover+screw