Smart Hula Hoop Lose Weight Ab Exerciser Fitness Sports Circle Detachable Hoops

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1.8 adjustable waistband, you can adjust this hoop according to your own waist.
2.Removeable design, portable, you can use this hoop at anywhere you like.
3.One weight hammer, you can put some weight in this hammer, exercise can be tailored to your physical condition.
4.Electric counter, records your exersice and shows the calories you burn.
5.Magenetic massage board, shapes your waist line and massage muscle while exercising.
6.The hoop fits for waist 60-108cm.
7.Do not need too much room and more convenient than the traditional hoop.

8.Enviromental friendly material, no ordor and more safer than others.

Name:Sports Hoop
Weight Hammer: About 500g

Package includes:
Smart Hoops*1