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    【FAMILY FUN】 A Perfect Family Game That Everybody Will Enjoy, Kids, Teens and Adults.
    【TAKE IT ANYWHERE】Indoor, Outdoor, In Your Yard, On The Lawn, Around The Pool, Or While Camping!
    【SIMPLE TO USE】The Game Is Easy To Learn And It's More Fun Than Any Board Game!
    【EASY SET-UP】Sets up and breaksdown in seconds. When done playing break down and store in wooden box that doubles as game board.
    【PORTABLE】Bring Head 2 Head along to the party, on vacation, etc.

 Instructions for use:

1. The classic Ring Toss, in which players try to land a ring attached to a string on a hook screwed to a central post,
2. For experienced players, you can make your own punishment rules to make the game more interesting.


Material: wood

Package included:
1 x Hook and Ring Toss Battle Game Set(25*28cm)


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