PURC Clear Flavor Insulation Repair Moisturizing Conditioner Without Cleaning

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Product Description

The multi-functional hair mask can solve various hair problems, and remove the residual odor in the hair after dyeing or perming, so as to protect the damage of the dyeing or perming.

Using materials imported from Germany, after dyeing, perming or keratin treatment, quickly remove the residual odor on the hair. The no-shampoo mask can also completely remove perfume, alcohol and sweat. At the same time, it has heat insulation function, prevents hair dryer from damaging hair, repairs damaged and dry hair, and provides long-lasting moisture, luster, and smoothness.

1. Use after dyeing or perming: Use a towel to dry clean shampoo, evenly apply a hair mask to the hair, leave it for 20 minutes, then rinse, dry as usual, and shape the hair. For best results, use 2-3 times a week.
2. Remove perfume/sweat/wine smell: evenly apply a certain amount of hair mask directly on the hair, and then use a hair dryer to dry the hair.
3. Daily care: After washing the hair, evenly apply a hair mask on the hair, and then blow dry or rinse the hair before setting. Greatly reduces the damage when blowing.

Please correctly understand the efficacy of cosmetics, cosmetics can not replace drugs, can not treat skin diseases and other diseases.