Protective Travel Car Seat Head And Neck Pillow Soft Neck Support Pillow Children U Shape Headrest Head Protection Cushion

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The specially designed baby pillow is a good companion. It can help the baby's head and neck to be in the correct position and help prevent the baby from head down or sideways when sleeping in cars, strollers and airplane trips. Sagging.

When the baby is dozing off in the car, the fragile little head often falls asleep, and the parents feel distressed when they look at it.

The comfortable and soft baby head protection pillow gently supports and protects the fragile head and neck of the baby.

When the baby sits in the safety seat or stroller, protect the baby's head from shaking, and the baby can have a safe and comfortable environment in the car.


Product material: peach transfer
Filling: pp cotton
Style: cat, fox, Circle
Product size: as shown
Applicable object: 0-1 years old

Package Included:

1*Baby U-shaped pillow