No. 7 luminous reflective basketball battery-free luminous basketball luminous luminous basketball outdoor children's toy basketball

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No. 7 Luminous Reflective Basketball Battery-free Luminous Basketball Luminous Luminous Basketball Outdoor Children's Toy Basketball


Encourage physical activity

Keep children away from smartphones

Increase enthusiasm for basketball

It’s more fun to play with your friends!

The holographic luminous reflective basketball adopts a brand new technology and is matched with reflective leather.

Made of composite moisture-absorbing leather to provide the best grip and feel

100% nylon winding, with excellent shape retention

Rubber airbags provide maximum air and increase shape retention

Great for indoor and outdoor games

Ideal streetball

Universal indoor and outdoor sports replace luminous basketball box goal frame net

This glow in the dark net illuminates your basketball hoop with a soft green light, and also improves the visibility of the backboard and rim, so your game is as good at night as it is during the day.

Made of a combination of nylon and cotton.

Fits any standard basketball hoop.

Glows fluorescent green.

Suitable for outdoor/indoor games: can withstand rough street games. Suitable for street basketball enthusiasts. Made of wear-resistant materials, the wide groove design provides excellent grip and a soft and comfortable touch.

The best basketball gift for young boys: Meet mentally adventurous teenagers with powerful roles. Evening basketball adds novel value, allowing them to give full play to their personalities. In addition, the luminous basket is the official size (size 7 & 29.5 inches).



Size: 7

Color as shown

Basketball net:

Material: Nylon

Color: fluorescent green

Size: 44x32cm /17.32x12.59

Package Included:

1 basketball/basketball net (optional)