New Pet Training Supplies Driving Pad Electrostatic Blanket Isolation Drive

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◆Enter the room
◆Please forbidden area in any area.
◆Protect your furniture.
◆For indoor training of dogs and cats.
◆Prevent jumping on the car
◆Protect car paint.
◆Forbidden area in production room or other fields.
◆ Prevent cats from jumping on the kitchen countertop.
◆Outdoors keep birds or other animals away from cars or umbrellas
◆Dual power mode
Durable, efficient, portable, safe and non-toxic

Product manual:

Just place the dog pad in a position where you want your dog to avoid. When he touches the dog pad, he will receive a mild electrostatic shock and then quickly learn to stay away from this area. If your dog is used to rolling, scratching, and tearing on your carpet, the dog pad will encourage it to play elsewhere. With the dog pad, you can keep your dog away from your sofa, counter or anything you don’t want Let it go.
There is no danger of harming your pet. The dog pad has 3 levels of adjustment and correction, all in a series of similar electrostatic shocks. After your dog encounters one or two such shocks, it will be these The correction method is connected to the place where it was hurt, and then will avoid these places. The dog pad is powered by a battery, you can put it in any problematic place. (There are two power supply modes: use three No. 5 South Battery. The product does not distribute batteries)
Scope of application: bed, sofa, car, baby bed, valuables, kitchen, computer desk, door, all places that do not want pets to go to or can be used.

Product name: Pet isolation electrostatic blanket
Product material: PVC plastic

Product packaging: Neutral color box
Product size: 43*56CM 0.45KG
                     43*122CM 0.75KG

Product*1Without battery

Outer packaging*1
Manual *1