Mountain bike seatpost aluminum alloy seat tube seatpost seat tube 25.4 27.2 28.6 extension accessories

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Mountain Bike Seatpost Aluminum Seatpost Seatpost


(1) High-strength aluminum alloy material, surface sanding process, high compression, high toughness and robustness

(2) One-piece molding, lightweight design, easy installation

(3) Steel seal size, accurate scale, easy to record and adjust height

(4)) The dual-track version with chuck can adjust the angle according to your habits

(5) Suitable for bow pad


Material: aluminum alloy

Style: Double track (chuck)

Color: matte black

Size/Net Weight: 25.4*450mm (about 330g)

27.2 * 450mm (about 380g)

28.6 * 450mm (about 373g)

30.4 * 450mm (about 398g)

31.6 * 450mm (about 415G)

Wall thickness: about 2.8mm

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