HD 1080P driving recorder 3 inch screen car front and rear video dual-lens night vision car rotatable lens

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1. It can be monitored inside and outside the car, 360° monitoring and ultra-clear video make you travel safer.

2. High-definition non-light night vision function, high-definition recording, automatic light-filling algorithm.

3. Infrared night vision in the car, not afraid of being unable to take pictures because the car is parked in a dark place.


Type: Dual camera driving recorder

Pixel: 130W

Lens: GC1034+ 0308 No-light night market sensor light inside the car

Resolution: 1920*1080(front)/1080x720P(inner)

Gravity sensor: not supported

Display: 3.0 inches

IPS screen: 16:9 ,360*640

Viewing angle: 110 degrees

Loop recording Loop recording: support

Temp-Park Motion Record parking guard/parking monitoring: configurable, no function

Motion detection function: support

Date stamp date and time watermark: support

Memory card: up to 32GB (not included)

Power interface: USB2.0

Battery: 150MAH

Output: HDMI (with interface without function)

Current frequency: 50/60HZ

Languages: Russian, Japanese, French, Italian, German, English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Korean, Spanish, Portuguese.

MPN: Not applicable

Working temperature: -20°-+70°

Package Included:

1x 1080P dual driving recorder


1. The driving recorder needs continuous power supply, and the built-in battery is only used for emergency power supply.

2. It is recommended not to enable the motion detection function when driving, this function may cause intermittent recording.

3. We recommend using SANDISK brand Class 10 or above, 16GB or 32GB Micro SD card (not included). Please format it on the driving recorder before use.

4. The driving recorder will turn on/off as the car engine is turned on/off, so it will not drain the car battery. (Note: This depends on whether your car is still supplying power to the cigarette lighter socket when the engine is turned off.