For Bafang Mid-Drive Motor Kits Light group conversion system BBS01 BBS02 BBSHD

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Application: BAFANG Bafang Mid-Drive Motor Kits Light group conversion

Function Description:
When we use the switch of the display to turn on the light, the power control module has been activated,
In this way, we can use an additional headlight combination for connection. We have integrated the brake light signal. With our light group, we can realize the front and rear lights (6V signal control), brake lights, turn signals, and horns.
Perfectly solve the limitation of BAFANG lighting model difficult to choose! !
We can choose more types of front and rear lights.

Module signal input voltage: DC5-24V
Module output voltage: DC24V
Module output current: 3A
Maximum output power of the module: 60W
Harness plug: 8 pins input/8 pins output/4 pins output
Signal connection line:
2 pins signal input & XT30 plug
Wire specification: 20AWG high temperature resistant silicone
Maximum current: 3A

Packing list:
1. Integrated cable branch*1
2.Power control module*1
3. Control signal connection cable (XT30)*1
4.Connecting wires to change parts*2