Fence for Pet Isolation Pet Door Opening Cat Door Catdoor Dog Door Opening Can Control Access Direction

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100% brand new and high quality
Set up quickly and easily.
4 lockable functions-open, fully lock, only out, only in.
Installation is easy, simple and generous.
The quality is very good, using ABS material (the best kind of plastic)


Size: S / M / L
Color: white, coffee

Type: Pet door
Material: plastic

Pet door installation

Tools needed: electric drill, iron saw or electric saw, measuring ruler.
1: First use a piece of paper to draw the size of the door cover (there may be a few millimeters error).
2: The drawing is ready to mark on the door, and the seal is drawn with a pencil.
3: Drill a hole in the four corners of the painted door with a drill bit, and then start to dig the hole directly if there is a chainsaw;
4: If it is a glass door, use a glass scribing tool to gently cut it open and fix it with glass glue.
5: The hole has been cleaned up, now first get a layer of wooden leather to wrap around the hole, for the sake of beauty.
6: Attach the cat door, there are accessory screws, use a screwdriver to screw on.
7: The screw port is also equipped with a screw cover, press it, OK is finished

Package Included:
1 x 4 Way lockable pet cat small dog flap door

1x Manual

1. Due to the impact of the environment in the shooting process, there is a certain color difference between the photo and the actual object, and the actual object shall prevail. Due to the different measurement methods, the size needs to be measured manually, and the error is about 1-3cm.