Bicycle MTB 7 8 9 10 11Speed MTB Road Bike Rear Derailleur Spare Parts high strength 7s 8s 9s 10s 11s system

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The front derailleur and the rear derailleur are part of the bicycle transmission system. Their function is to control and adjust the gear ratio used in the transmission system. The front derailleur is used to adjust the gears of the ring gear, mostly in three gears; the rear derailleur is used to control the gears of the tower wheel (flywheel), the common ones are 7/8/9 gears, 10 gears, and 11 gears. Different tower wheels need to be matched with rear derailleur


1. Concave guide wheel screws.

2. Smooth/easy operation and shifting performance.

3. The wide connection design can realize precise shifting and is durable.

4. Wide connection design, super hard structure.


Name: Bicycle rear derailleur accessories

Product speed: 7/8/9speed/10speed/11speed

Product color: black

Total gear change: 45 teeth (7/8/9/10 speed), 53 teeth (11 speed)

Material: Plastic steel main material, steel guide plate, wear-resistant plastic guide wheel

Installation method: direct mounting eye socket (the frame needs a rear derailleur hook)

Features: lightweight, precise, high-strength, silent guide wheel

Package Included:

1 * Pull back the rear derailleur of the gearbox


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