Bicycle light outdoor accessories mobile phone holder with horn usb charging treasure four-in-one waterproof bicycle headlight

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Bicycle light outdoor accessories mobile phone holder with horn usb charging treasure four-in-one waterproof bicycle headlight

100% brand new product


Four-in-one design. Mobile phone holder, power bank, car lights and speakers are all done. Say goodbye to cumbersome equipment that affects riding.

Silicone protective pads on three sides. Silicone pads and flexible sponge base protect the phone without hurting it. Elastic clip, non-slip and stable, built-in spring retractable, suitable for 4-6.5 inch mobile phones.

Five kinds of speaker special effects. The speaker button is external, which can be installed on hand to ring the bell. Short press: two beeps, long press: continuous beeps, long press for four seconds: switch sound effects.

130 decibel loudspeaker. The big horn effectively warns passers-by and vehicles.

It is safer to ride at night with bright lights. Three high-brightness lamp beads design, enough brightness to ensure safer riding at night. Three light modes: strong light/low light/flash, suitable for various scenes.

USB charging design. It comes with USB charging, which can be adapted to various USB chargers for convenience and quickness. You can charge while navigating while navigating, so you don’t have to worry about running out of power when you’re halfway through the navigation.

Quick disassembly and assembly design. The rubber strap can be easily installed on the car without tools. Sealed and waterproof, no fear of wind and rain. Whether it is daily or outdoor travel, it can easily cope with it.

Detailed product data

Charging time: 2000mh, 4.5 hours, 4000mh, 8.5 hours

2000mh first gear lighting time 3.5 hours, second gear 8.5 hours, third gear flashing.

4000mh first gear lighting time 6 hours, second gear 13 hours, third gear flashing.

Input voltage, 5V output voltage 5v, impulse input power 5w, input current 1A, output current 1A, working voltage 3-4.2V


Name: Four-in-one waterproof bicycle headlight
Battery: 2000mAh/4000mAh18650 lithium battery
Color: red/black/blue
Product size: as shown in the figure
Material: ABS material + electronic components
Light: 1.5W*3 lumens lamp beads
Speaker decibel: 130 decibels
USB output: 5V/1A
Working voltage: 3-4.2V
Charging input power: 5W
Irradiation distance: about 150-200 meters
Lighting time: 2000mAh 3.5-8H/4000mAh 6-13H (the lighting time will be different under different lighting modes)
Charging time: 2000mAh 4.5H/4000mAh 8.5H (USB direct charging)
Mobile phone clip size range: support mobile phone size range 4-6.5 inches
Switch function: press once: high beam is always on, press twice: low beam, press three times: flash, press four times: shutdown.

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