Bicycle frame inner line tool shift cable bike tube brake hose oil hydraulic magnet lead professional threading set mtb road

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Bicycle Frame Inner Line Tool Shift Cable Tube Brake Hose Oil Hydraulic Magnet Lead Professional Threading Set MTB Road Bike

The tool uses two powerful magnets to guide the cable through the internal wiring frame. The main magnet can be used to pull the other magnet through the frame tube. By holding the main magnet on the outside of the frame wall, its magnetic field pulls the object towards it, using flexibility The magnet retrieves another magnet in the frame, which can be inserted directly into the frame, once it is entered it will be attached to.

Use range:

With the SWTXO frame internal routing tool, the ICR1.2 greatly improves the efficiency of internal routing that is suitable for easy threading in carbon fiber frames, titanium alloy frames and aluminum alloy frames, including variable-speed cores, conduit, brake core, conduit, and disc brake hose.


Product name: frame threading tool
Net weight: 50.6g
Color: orange
Material: aluminum alloy

Packing List:
Flexible Magnet * 1
Detachable Cap with Main Magnet * 1
Flexible Wire with Magnet and Threaded Tip * 1
E Pipe Fittings * 1
Hydraulic Hose Connector * 1
Magnet and Straight Head * 1
Instruction * 1