2X Walkable Cleat Covers/Protection Fit Speedplay ZERO AERO&Ultra Light Action

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Material: Made of plastic materials, durable in use.
Function: It can extend the life of your soleplate.Prevents mud and dirt from building up inside cleats.
Purpose: It can protect the lock very well, super wear-resistant and no disassembly.
Easy Install: Easy to attach, remove, and store.

Note: It can only be used with Zero for Aero pneumatic cleats. Cannot be used on non-for Aero pneumatic version,
otherwise it will fall off and cannot be used on X series. If you do not install the cleat protective cover for a long time,
the Phillips screws may be worn out, which will make it difficult for you to replace the soleplate.


Type: Cleat Cover
Material: Plastic
Color: Black
Compatible With: For SpeedPlay Zero

Package Included:
1pair x Cleat Cover