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   Pinpin is a kind of toy that babies love, and it is also a good tool to improve babies' intelligence. For parents and mothers, this is a necessary toy for children to grow up. To fully exercise their hand and hand-eye coordination ability, separating, connecting and inserting mushroom nails, children must participate in issues such as proportions, symmetry, etc., which is conducive to the early development of children's counting concept. Building blocks are conducive to the imagination of children. The full use of different mushroom nails is a patient and meticulous work. You can hone your child's character.

   This is an educational toy suitable for children over two years old. The toys are full of mushroom-shaped particles of different colors and sizes, forming various interesting colorful patterns. It not only exercises the baby's hands-on ability, but also enriches the baby's imagination. It is also necessary to teach the baby to recognize various colors and simple geometric figures...it can be put into various shapes, different sizes of baffle blocks and large animal shapes, and different colored ropes that can be played by the baby. baby. Glad, you can also use string music to fight together. This kind of baffle can give full play to children's imagination and thinking ability. Imagination makes up various shapes. This game combines the above knowledge. Parents can demonstrate first, and then slowly guide their children to create more shapes.

    If it is a baby under 3 years old, you can start simple, for example, use the same color to spell numbers, letters, eggs, apples, etc. The baby's perception begins, and the severity gradually increases. You can spell words or count, etc.

This is a good early education educational toy that is easy to store. In short, as long as the child likes it, he can let the baby play freely and fully develop various ways of playing with toys.


Product name: 296 mushroom nails (with drawings)
Material: Plastic/Plastic
Product size: 29*21*3.5 cm/11.4*8.2*1.3 inches
Category: Three-dimensional puzzle
Color: as shown
Number of mushroom nails: 296

Package Included:

1*296 mushroom nails


1. Due to the difference in display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color shown on the picture. Thank you!
2. Due to manual measurement, please allow a measurement deviation of 1-3cm. (1 inch = 2.54 cm)