TOOPRE three-in-one chain measurer mountain road bike gauge tool wear chain ruler caliper

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Name: Chain Wear Gauge

Function: chain loss measurement/chain hook/screw measurement

Material: Stainless steel

Net weight: about 38.8g

It is made of stainless steel, matte surface, three-level measurement, allowing you to see the loss of the chain at a glance.


Three-in-one function chain wear gauge

Chain side damage, chain hook, screw measurement

Overall sandblasting process, high gloss, no burrs

Three-section measurement, know how to replace the chain

Three-step design: 0.5%-0.75%-1%, more detailed measurement conditions, better understanding of chain loss, of course, it is much more difficult to deal with

Chain hook design

Easily deal with chain maintenance, no more haste, a good companion for chains

Screw measurement function

The threaded measuring scale is integrated into the chain measuring tool, which greatly improves the cost-effectiveness of the tool. It can quickly measure the thread diameter and thread length, which is convenient and practical.

Package Included:

Chain measuring ruler*1