Cat Fish Shape Toothbrush Cleaning Chew +2PCS Catnip

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Let your dog take her own dental hygiene by the paws with the vet-approved PawSafe™ Dog Toothbrush Chew Toy that tastes great, strengthens teeth and protects against oral diseases.

With work, kids, errands and your own self care, it can be difficult to factor in a daily dental routine for your dog. Forget wrestling those jaws open while trying to scrub your pooch’s sharp teeth. With the PawSafe™ Dog Toothbrush Chew Toy, you can check one more pet responsibility off the list.

Your pup will stay captivated for hours as she chews soft, yet durable rubber. Deep grooves are flanked with meat flavored bristles that massage the gums while effectively chipping away at plaque and tartar in hard to reach places. Your dog will happily settle down with her “treat” while you can go about your daily business knowing her dental hygiene is taken care of.

  • All natural rubber that is non toxic and safe
  • Side pads allow for easy paw grip
  • Bristles and grooves designed to reach every tooth surface and crevice
  • Self-dispensing toothpaste reservoir for extra cleansing
  • Perfect for growing puppies that are teething or dogs with a destructive chewing habit