UK Plug Professional Socket Tester RCD Leakage Switch Detector Tool TASI Black

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The socket tester is mainly used for the polarity detection of the power socket and the safety of the leakage protection switch, which can quickly and accurately detect the wiring of the socket.
This professional plug-and-play socket tester can help detect sockets with potential safety hazards to provide a safe use environment. This will be your best choice for house inspection.
The socket tester with a voice broadcast model can also voice broadcast the current state of the socket test and the current measured voltage value.


1. Compact shape: small size, plug and play, portable and easy to use
2. Plug and play: one-key operation, easy to use, wiring problems, can quickly display
3. Multi-function monitoring: missing ground wire, missing neutral wire, missing live wire, wiring error and leakage protection
4. Leakage test: press the button for less than 3 seconds, trip means normal leakage protection, no trip means no leakage protection, you need to find a professional electrician for repair in time
5. Intuitive Interface: The test result is displayed on the front of the tester. The user can directly compare the test results according to the prompts. The test results are clear at a glance(Only TA893D / TA894D )

6. Voice broadcast: the tester can broadcast the test results by voice once every second, three consecutive times(Only TA892D / TA894D )


TA891D(basis) TA892D(Sound broadcast) TA893D(screen display) TA894D(Sound broadcast/screen display)
Plug specifications UK plug
Working voltage Working Voltage 175~250V/50Hz~60Hz
Accurate ±(2.0%+2)
Usage environment Working tempera and humidity 0~40℃/20%~75%RH
Storage tempera and humidity "-10℃~50℃/20%~80%RH
Altitude ≤2000米
Test Range Leakage test current >30mA
Leakage test voltage range test current AC 220V±20V
Product Size 87*58*63MM/3.4*2.3*2.5inch

Model: TA891D, TA892D, TA893D, TA894D (optional)
Socket type: UK  plug
Colour: Black
Material: ABS

Package includes:

1x Socket tester
1x Instruction manual
1X Packing box


Please read the user manual before use.
The detection time should not exceed 5 minutes.
Do not touch the "RCD TEST" button when using it