Slim Wireless LED Light Mouse Rechargeable Cordless Mice For PC Laptop + USB

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1. Ergonomic design & comfortable shape
2.USB rechargeable lithium battery
3. Colorful breath glow
4. Optical tracking
5. Wireless transmission
6. Surface treatment: matte / mirror
7. Engine: Red light engine
8.DPI file: 1000-1200-1600DPI
9. Foot Sticker: Double Bridge UPE Foot Sticker
10. Size: 110 *60 * 25 (mm)/4.3*2.4*0.9inch
11. Connect 2.4gHz
12. Interface USB
13. Backlight seven-color breath
14.60 seconds to enter light sleep without operation
15.10 minutes into deep sleep without operation
16. Move the mouse / press any key to wake up the mouse
17.2.4gHz transmission, 10m fast transmission
18. The storage compartment of the concealed receiver is neat and orderly, light and thin, and it also has a good feel!
19. Thickness is only 2.5 cm
20. Surface frosting process feels good. 
21.System requirements: suitable for all systems

22.Three-level on-off switch (with light, without light, off)

Package Contents:

1 * Wireless mouse
1 * manual
1 * USB Charging Cable