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1. Thick support to protect internal items from being squeezed and maintain shape without loading
2. Large capacity, can hold daily necessities, can accommodate the tools required for riding, and set up compartments inside to increase storage space
3. Taillight design can be used to warn pedestrians and vehicles at night to ensure riding safety
4. The bag has a bright and reflective design, which is distributed on both sides and the front of the bag to ensure riding safety (the gray edges will reflect, and the red edges will not reflect)
5. The bag and the bicycle are integrated into one body and installed under the cushion, which does not hinder the movement of the legs during riding


Name: Bicycle tail bag

Capacity: 1L
Product material: PU cloth, mesh cloth
Product color: black gray/black red
Product size: 18*7*7.5cm
Product weight: about 100g
Applicable models: mountain bikes, road bikes, etc.
Fixing method: sticker fixing

Package Included:

1*Bicycle tail bag