TOOPRE Mountain Bike Professional Headset Press-in Tool BB Central Shaft Installation Press-in Wrist Set Tool

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1. High-strength aluminum alloy material, stainless steel screws and movable handles.
2. CNC knurled design, thrust plate, wide application range and strong versatility.
3. The pitch is tight, thin, and high in strength, suitable for most head tube lengths.
4. Pressure block design, the back is used to install the press-in bottom bracket, and the sinking platform design prevents the bearing from being pressed during the installation process.
5. Save time and effort. The bearing adopts lubricating ball, which saves effort and is not easy to squeeze.


Name: Headset/Bottom Press Tool
Material: Aluminum alloy +304 stainless steel
Net weight: about 506g
Color: blue and silver
Packing size: 6. 5*6.5*28cm

Package Included:

1*Hardware pressing tool