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Professional massage gun for treatment of deep muscles in the back and neck relax massager to restore pain relief percussion hand-held fascia gun


Item: Fascia Gun Massager
Color: blue, red, black, silver
Battery capacity: 1300mAh
Power supply: Lithium battery
Charging time: 3 hours
Number of heads: 4 heads
Machine size: 20cm*17cm
Features: high frequency vibration, 6-speed adjustment, low noise, promote blood circulation, relax the body
Color: silver, black, red
Package weight: 1350g


6 levels adjustable
1-2 gears-light massage
Level 3-Professional Massage
The fourth gear-wake up the muscles
5th gear--decompose lactic acid
6-speed professional mode


1. Contains 4 different massage heads to meet different needs.
2. Effectively reduce muscle stiffness and pain, and promote blood circulation.
3. 6-level adjustment, you can choose the one that suits you.
4. Intelligent timing of 10 minutes to ensure the long life of the machine.
5. 2400mAh large capacity lithium battery, standby for 2 hours.
6. With safety protection devices such as over protection and overheat protection, it is safe to use.
7. It is suitable for recovery after sports fatigue, recovery after sports injury, pain relief during operation recovery period, and relief of inflammation.

The package includes:

4*Massage head