HK-03 Mini Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Set USB Computer Ultra-Thin Wireless Keyboard with Keyboard Cover

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1. Frequency: 2402MHZ--- 2480MHZ, working group frequency: 32, automatic frequency hopping; rated working voltage: 1.5V; tracking system: optical; acceleration: 14 inches per second;

2. New 2.4GHZ technical operating distance within 10 meters;

3. New intelligent power saving technology is added. The keyboard and mouse will automatically enter the power saving mode without any operation, without a switch, automatically deep sleep, and completely turn off the power at any time to save power; power saving is even more powerful;

4. Low battery indicator light, when the battery life is weak, the red light flashes to remind;

5. Support notebook, desktop, Android smart TV, Android player; support Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8, MAC, Android;

6. Strengthen ABS plastic materials, chocolate button design, stable performance, plug and play, no installation is required.

7. The appearance is beautiful, concise and generous, black and white are optional
Product manual:

1: This is a set of wireless mouse + wireless keyboard, equipped with a mini USB receiver.

2: When using, you only need to plug the receiver into the USB port of the computer or other equipment, and you can use the mouse and keyboard with the battery installed, without installing any drivers.

3: The mouse and keyboard share the same receiver, which can be used at the same time or separately, without interfering with each other, and can be operated at a long distance, free of wired troubles.

4: The receiver is in the mouse, push the mouse cover back to see it.

5: The mouse uses a AAA battery, and the keyboard uses 2 AAA batteries, a total of 3 AAA batteries.


Material: ABS plastic material
Battery model: AAA battery (the product does not include batteries)
Mouse size: as shown in the figure
Keyboard size: as shown in the figure
Receiver size: as shown in the figure
Wireless range: 10m
Package Contents:

1 * keyboard
1*Nano receiver
1*Keyboard pad


The product does not include batteries. If you need batteries, please purchase them separately.
Because it is a manual measurement, there may be an error of 0.5-2 cm. If you have any questions, please contact us in time. Thank you.