High Pressure Water Gun Garden Watering Car Squirt Car Washing Tools Stainless Steel Long Brush Holder Water Gun

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1. Brass standard garden hose connector, aluminum washer rod tube, TPR handle high-pressure water gun, more durable, suitable for car washing, plant watering, agricultural irrigation, household cleaning, etc., bringing more convenience to your life.
2. Equipped with two kinds of nozzles, it is more flexible and changeable in use. It is suitable for all 3/4" standard garden hoses. It is also equipped with a hose adapter-1/2" internal thread standard garden hose.


Material: Aluminum alloy (Tube), Copper (Ball valve), TPR (Handle)
TPR color: blue, black
Product length: about 46.5cm/18.3inch
Spraying distance: about 15m

Package Included:

1X high pressure water gun
2X nozzle


1.Due to size measurement, there will be errors, please understand

2.The pressure largely depends on the water pressure in the water supply system and hoses, and the nozzle will only increase the pressure to a certain extent