Repair stickers leather back glue leather self-adhesive sofa bed chair soft and hard wall car interior

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Repair stickers leather back adhesive leather self-adhesive sofa bed chair soft and hard wall car interior

100% brand new product


Car interior modification, background soft bag, sofa leather chair renovation, bedside leather refurbishment,
DIY manual repair for furniture decoration, wine box packaging, gift box packaging, hotel KTV stand, wall decoration, etc.


Color: Khaki/Red Wine/Blue/Black/White/Dark Brown
Size: 20*25/25*30/50*150 cm (optional)
Thickness: 0.7mm
Leather: soft and comfortable
Material: lychee pattern leather + self-adhesive + release paper
Features: Self-adhesive adhesive, easy to use, peel and stick, beautiful and generous.

Package Included:

Package of your choice*1


1. Due to the influence of the shooting environment and the color gamut of the computer screen monitor, the picture may have a certain color difference from the actual product, but it does not affect the use.
2. Because it needs to be folded or rolled up for better transportation, slight creases may occur at this time. In this case, iron steam can be used (note: not directly pressed on the leather)
3. Due to some reasons in the leather making process, there may be some odors. It can be placed in a ventilated place for a few days to dissipate the odor.