Creative planet light night light starry sky moon light bedside sensor light pat light

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● Realistic design and 3D printing technology
We used the most advanced technology and NASA satellite images, and went through the 3D printing process for more than 26 hours. The surface is lifelike, and the detailed craters and mountains have a realistic touch.
● Can store electricity and power outage emergency
The USB mobile power bank and PC can be easily charged, charging for 2 hours, and using for 8-10 hours (with the dimming function turned on, the working time is longer). Moonlight can be carried freely, and can be carried at any time or with you.
● Super high-quality materials, very suitable for children
The moonlight uses FDA approved PLA material, which is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.
Durable, we tested it down from the 6th floor, the moonlight will not crack.
● Reading lights and leisure lights
High-efficiency and energy-saving LED bulbs can keep cool even after long-term use, emit soft and glare-free light, and do not hurt your eyes. After reading, you can downgrade the reading light to a relaxing light to help you continue to relax for the night.
● Night sleep light and midnight feeding light
The moonlight bulb emits flicker-free and comfortable light, creating an ideal sleeping environment for your baby and family.
● Bluetooth speaker
The 3D moon decoration light comes with a Bluetooth speaker, which can be used for decoration or listening to music (note: only the 3D moon model has a speaker)
● Decorative lights
Suitable for many occasions, the most creative decorations for courtyards, bedrooms, dining tables, paths, parties, and cafes. Create a peaceful and peaceful moonlight, bring light to the darkness, and create a romantic night.
● Lovely gift
The perfect gift for girls, boys, children, lovers or girlfriends, parents and family. Especially suitable for children. Such as Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, birthdays, holidays, weddings, anniversaries, etc.


● Product name: 3D printing Galaxy Moonlight
● Material: PLA (environmental protection material)
● Production process: 3D printing
● Light source: LED
● Diameter: 15/16 cm
● Brightness: stepless adjustment
●Color: 16 colors adjustable
● Battery capacity: Starry sky moon lamp/Saturn lamp 300mAh lithium battery (built-in)/3D moon lamp 1200mAh lithium battery (built-in)
● Charging time: 3 hours
● Working time: 10-15 hours (depending on brightness)
● Power supply: USB DC 3.7V 3A

Package Included:

● 1*3D moonlight (built-in battery)
● 1 * Remote control
● 1 * Wooden bracket
● 1 * USB power cord
● 1 * Description
● 1*box


●Note: Only 3D moon lights with speakers, please be sure to buy them, if you have any questions, please contact us in time
● 16-color remote: control or tap to adjust brightness