Camping Lantern 18led Portable Outdoor Tent Fan Light for Camping Camping Tent Fan Light

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Portable LED camping light with fan flashlight ceiling fan outdoor hiking fishing emergency tent light


1. Freely switch wind energy level 2: low wind and soft, high-end wind!
2. Independent function use: independent fan or independent lighting function!
3. Convenient to carry, using No. 2 No. 1 dry battery, you can use it anytime, anywhere! The angle of the fan and the lamp can be changed freely, can be placed on the ground, can be placed on the table, can also be used in a tent without problems. .
4. The product is equipped with 18 high-brightness long-life LED lights, which can illuminate any dark place.
5.18 LED multifunctional camping fan lights are essential equipment for outdoor camping. It can be hung in a tent and can be used anywhere. With it, your camping will be more perfect.


Material: ABS
Product size: as shown
Power mode: use 2 * D batteries (batteries are not included in the package)

Product List:

1 *LED camping light with fan


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