Bike Floating Disc Brake Rotor MTB Road Bicycle Disc Brakes 6 Bolt -160mm/180mm

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The main function of the floating disc is to reduce the weight of the brake pads, improve the appearance and reduce heat transfer.

Aluminum alloy lightweight design, better heat dissipation capacity, higher strength and hardness. It has good wet and dry performance, good disk wear resistance, fast air circulation, and is used for heat dissipation, stamping and high-hardness aluminum alloy brackets.

Reasons for choosing floating disks.
When the floating disk appears, in order to solve the problem of continuous friction of the disk, the temperature rises due to thermal expansion and contraction. If it is an integrated disk, the temperature of the center and the edge of the disk will be different, and the degree of expansion will also be different, which will cause internal tension and cause the disk to deform and fail to brake. Generally speaking, the floating disk has two materials inside and outside, which are connected by rivets. The connection is not tightly fixed and has a certain degree of freedom. On the one hand, it reduces heat transfer, on the other hand, it solves the problem of internal stress. , So it is relatively stable. Theoretically, the thermal attenuation is related to the high temperature resistance of the material. Floating disks will not reduce thermal attenuation, but if the material and design of the disk are optimized, the heat dissipation capacity will be enhanced and the anti-attenuation ability will be improved!


Product Name: Floating Plate
Material: aluminum alloy
Color: black/blue/red
Size: as shown
Hole distance: The center distance of the hole is 44mm (the international standard six-nail plate)

Package Included:

1 * Floating plate(Comes with 6 screws)


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