2020ipad Pro11 Keyboard/Mouse/Protective Case Three-Piece Set 10.2 Bluetooth Mouse 2018 Tablet Leather Case 9.7-Inch Mini7.9

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1. TPU soft shell with pen slot
2. The keyboard and leather case are separable design.
4. It adopts X scissor foot button structure design, and the chocolate key cap is ultra-thin and silent.
400 million megaway chip, Bluetooth 3.0
5. Rechargeable mouse/keyboard, eliminating the unnecessary trouble of replacing the battery.


Quantity: mouse + keyboard + leather case
Material: PU+plastic keyboard
Applicable model: Apple ipad
Energy: rechargeable

Applicable models:

11 inches:
2020/2018 iPadPro 11 inch universal

10.2 inches:
2019 iPad 10.2/Pro10.5/air3 universal

9.7 inches:
2018/2017/air/air2/pro9.7/ipad9.7 general

Model number:


Mouse notes:

After the ipad is connected to the mouse, the operating system is still ipad, and it cannot complete the complicated operations like a computer system, but can only complete some simple operations.

Package Contents:



Except for the protective cover, mouse and keyboard, this product is a picture effect and is not in the scope of sale. If you have any questions, please contact us in time. Thank you.